Viewing Online Tutorials

When you initially register as a new user, you will be directed to the My Courses – Personal Training page.

To view a course, click the title for the desired course. This will direct you to a separate page that provides links and information corresponding to that course. All tutorials for that course will now be displayed. The “Completed” box on the right hand side will be checked if you have already viewed and completed that tutorial.
Click the title for the tutorial you would like to view. The next page shows the Table of Contents for this tutorial and provides two or more links. To view a pdf file of the slides in this tutorial, click the View PDF link. To launch the actual tutorial, click the View Tutorial link.
Tutorials include slides with notes at the bottom that describe or discuss the information shown on the slide. The Table of Contents is also listed on the left of the slides in the tutorial window. To advance or view a previous slide, simply click the > or < arrow at the top of each slide. Alternatively, you may advance to the next slide by clicking the link at the bottom of the notes. You may also click any of the topics in the Table of Contents to view slides corresponding to that topic.
At the end of the tutorial, click the link that says Update Your Record and Close this Window. The tutorial window vanishes and a popup box appears informing you that your record has been updated. Click the Return button to close this popup box. You should now be viewing the original tutorial’s main page. To return to the course page showing all tutorials that are available for this course, click the link at the bottom of this page. You will notice that the “completed” box for the tutorial you just viewed is now checked. You may view any available tutorial, including those that have been viewed previously, at any time and as many times as desired.
To view a tutorial for a different course, click the “My Courses” on the left and select the desired course.