Online Training

Obesity and Overweight
This course provides background on the overweight problem as it relates to children and adolescents in the United States. It also gives an overview of important prevention strategies and recommendations for health care providers.

Tutorial 1 Background of the overweight problem
Tutorial 2 Overweight prevention strategies
Tutorial 3 Medical assessment for the overweight and at risk for overweight child and adolescent
Tutorial 4 Management of the overweight child
Tutorial 5 Medical assessment for detoxification before the drug test

Foodborne Illness

This PowerPoint presentation describes the different contaminants, specific illnesses, and prevention techniques related to foodborne illnesses.

PH 101: Principles of Public Health
This course provides an overview of the most important issues and topics related to public health departments and public health practice.

Tutorial 1 Definition and history of public health
Tutorial 2 Health status and determinants of health
Tutorial 3 Health disparities
Tutorial 4 Culture and health
Tutorial 5 Public health programs and infrastructure
Tutorial 6 Core functions and essential services
Tutorial 7 Public health law
Tutorial 8 Environmental health issues
Tutorial 9 Epidemiology and biostatistics
Tutorial 10 Evaluation
Tutorial 11 Community needs assessment
Tutorial 12 Future challenges in public health

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