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Rosemarie Anderson, Ph.D. has authored over a 100 articles and two books . The articles listed below are recent articles or book chapters that reflect the services available through Wellknowing Consulting:


Body Intelligence Scale (BIS)

Anderson, R. (2006). Defining and measuring body intelligence: Introducing the Body Intelligence Scale The Humanistic Psychologist, 34(4), 357-367 . ( PDF 84kb) [Contact Erlbaum at for permission to use or reprint.]

This article introduces the Body Intelligence Scale to the research community and invites research collaboration. Scale development procedures and reliability and validity statistics are given.

Intuitive Inquiry

Anderson, R. (2004). Intuitive inquiry: An epistemology of the heart for scientific inquiry. The Humanistic Psychologist, 32(4), 307-341. ( PDF 1.1mb)

As guest editor for this issue, my lead article details intuitive inquiry’s five cycles of interpretation. Articles by Jay Dufrechou, Vipassana Esbjörn-Hargens, Sharon Hoffman, and Cortney Phelon provide examples of intuitive inquiries that join heartfulness with scientific rigor.

Anderson, R. (2006). Intuitive inquiry: The ways of the heart in research and scholarship. (Unpublished manuscript) ( PDF 161kb)

My most recent explication of Intuitive Inquiry.

Embodied Writing

Anderson, R. (2001). Embodied writing and reflections on embodiment. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 33(2), 83-96. ( PDF 244kb) [Contact ATP at for permission to use or reprint.]

Anderson, R. (2002). Embodied writing: Presencing the body in somatic research, Part I, What is embodied writing? Somatics: Magazine/Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences, 13(4), 40-44. ( PDF 268kb) [Contact Somatics at for permission to use or reprint.]

Anderson, R. (2002). Embodied writing: Presencing the body in somatic research, Part II, Research Applications. Somatics: Magazine/Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences, 14(1), 40-44. ( PDF 172kb)

The above three articles describe Embodied Writing as a path toward wholeness and a research procedure appropriate to data collection and presentation of findings.

Transpersonal Research

Anderson, R. and Braud, W. (2007) Transpersonal Research from a Global Perspective. (Unpublished manuscript) ( PDF 32kb)

In a manner that furthers the vision presented in Transpersonal Research Methods for the Social Sciences, this draft manuscript articulates a vision for human science research that integrates personal, communal, and global transformation. Aligned with the South African understanding of Ubuntu, we are present in the needs others present.

Qualitative Research Resources

Anderson, R. (2007). Thematic Content Analysis (TCA): Descriptive presentation of qualitative data. (Unpublished manuscript) ( PDF 38kb)

Step-by-step instructions for TCA using Microsoft Word.

Anderson, R. (2007). Qualitative methods in sound bites . (Unpublished manuscript) ( PDF 26kb).

The positive and “grim” side of using different Qualitative Research Methods.

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