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ListServ announcement for October 2018

1. Mold and Microbial Related Health Complaints: Assessment Techniques for Health: Loma Linda, California October 17, 2018.
Loma Linda University School of Public Health in partnership with the Pacific Public Health Training Center (PPHTC) announces a workshop entitled “Mold and Microbial Related Health Complaints: Assessment Techniques for Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals” on October 17, 2018 between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. Continuing education units offered for ABIH, BRN, CHES, CME, and CSP apply. For Registration and details of the workshop, visit
2. NIOSH-approved Pulmonary Function Testing, November 15-16, UCLA, Los Angeles
The course provides instruction in all aspects of spirometry through lectures, practicum, and testing. Training is intended for occupational/public health nurses, physicians, technicians, industrial hygienists and others responsible for accurate pulmonary function testing of employees. This NIOSH-approved course has been developed according to current American Thoracic Society Standards for Pulmonary Function Testing. Course is approved for AMA Category II credit; and is also approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 15 contact hours (CEP provider #10467). For specific details and registration forms, contact Ruth McIntyre-Birkner at 928-282-9196 or e-mail The approved sponsor is McIntyre Birkner & Associates, Inc., Sedona, Arizona. It is co-sponsored by the Southern California NIOSH ERC and the School of Nursing at UCLA.
3. “How To Give Expert Testimony and Become An Expert Witness,” October 22, 2018, from 2 – 4 p.m. (ET).
A TeleWeb Virtual Seminar sponsored by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), will be presented on October 22, 2018, from 2 – 4 p.m. (ET). Course presenters Herschel Hobson Ph.D., J.D., CIH (Ret.), CSP and Steve Barnett ESQ., CIH, MSPH, PE, J.D., both began their careers in the Occupational Environmental Health and Safety field and have translated that experience into their legal practices today. They will share their expertise by discussing and answering questions regarding legal fundamentals, key rules on expert testimony, deposition preparation, and trial preparation and presentation as it applies to OEHS. There are no prerequisites for this course and participants who complete the final exam will be awarded 0.25 Certified Maintenance points (pending approval), 0.2 COC, and 0.2 CEU. Register before October 7, 2018, and take advantage of early registration discounts. For a full course description and registration information go to: Or contact AIHA’s DL Program at: (703)849-8888.
4. National Immunization Program, vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Los Angeles November 18-19 and Sacramento November 21-22.
A scheduled two-day live on-site version of the Epidemiology and Prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases course is scheduled in Norwalk (LA), California from November 18-19, 2018, and Folsom (Sacramento), California November 21-22, 2018. For more information about either of these courses, contact Sandra Jo Hammer at the Immunization Branch, California Department of health services, Phone (510) 540-2198, email . For course brochure and Registration form visit or
5. CDC’s satellite broadcast on “Public-Private Partnerships: A New Model for Community Mobilization Against AIDS.” is scheduled for November 21, 2018 (1:00-3:00pm).
This live broadcast and webcast will discuss a variety of public-private partnerships engaging the private sector as a mobilizing agent and educational resource for community-based HIV prevention. Business and Labor Respond to AIDS. The National AIDS Fund Community Partnerships and AIDS Act Now are model programs addressing policy development, management/leadership training, employee education, community and family engagement, and public and private sector resources for HIV prevention. Viewers may fax in questions before and during the broadcast. For more information and to register visit
6. Navigating the Complexities of the Brain Injured Patient: October 3, 2018 at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Wong Kerlee International Conference Center.
The goal of the seminar is to assist the attendees to coordinate the complex continuum of care, from admission through discharge; and the management of a patient living with the day-to-day reality of a brain injury. Attendees will find a generous mixture of cutting edge information blended with the current issues of the acquired brain injury patient. To register and for more information visit
7. 6th Annual Riverside/San Bernardino Domestic Violence Conference: October 25, 2018 at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Wong Kerlee International Conference Center.
This one-day conference focuses on enhancing the delivery of services for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Feature topics will include issues surrounding shelters, drug/alcohol abuse, as well as the legalities. For more information and for registration, go to:
8. Cancer Nursing Specialty Series II , October 22, 2018 at Carrol Small Alumni Center Staff Development Classroom , Loma Linda University.
This one-day class is designed for the advanced nurse who deals with the oncology patient in the acute care setting. Course content includes metabolic, physiologic, and structural oncologic emergencies, professional issues, and ethical/legal issues. To register and for more information visit . Ideal for Staff Development CE Course. For more information on CE courses organized by Loma Linda University, visit
9. Care of the Critically Ill Child, November 13 & 14, 2018.
This program is designed to provide relevant information on pediatric critical care. It is also designed to assist the PICU nurse in preparation for the pediatric CCRN examination. Topics presented will explore general pathophysiology, management and treatment for a wide array of disease states. This program is held at Wong Kerlee International Conference Center at Coleman Pavilion/Chan Shun Hall, Loma Linda University. A certificate of attendance will be provided upon completion of the course requirements, enabling participants to register for credit with the appropriate licensing board of associates. For information on Continuing Education (CE) credit for one-day attendance, please call (909) 558-8111. To register and for more information visit
10. Overview of Terrorism: Bioterrorism/Emergency Preparedness November 08, 2018 Organized by Teleconference on Bioterrorism and emergency preparedness on November 8, 2018. 1.2 of CNE applicable for this conference. For more information and/or to register, visit
11. UCRExtension Classes : The Biomedical Sciences Division and University Extension announces accreditation for Continuing Medical Education (CME) through the California Medical Association.
The University of California, Riverside, through a partnership between its Division of Biomedical Sciences and its continuing education division, University Extension, promotes the ongoing medical education and services of physicians through seminars, conferences and courses to provide current information regarding basic science and clinical research including issues of primary and managed care that are critical to optimum patient care. For Current course listings and details visit
In addition UCR offers a variety of courses:
a. ServSafe: Restaurant industry food safety training, Oct 26, 2018 8.00 am –4.00 pm.
This course examines microbial contamination as it relates to indoor air quality problems. Topics include an introduction to microbial contaminants, causes of indoor air pollution, sources of microbial contamination, health effects, new legislation, procedures for handling water losses, investigative techniques and strategies, and remedial considerations. Approved by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene for.5 certification maintenance points. For more information visit
b. Fall Protection and Prevention: OSHA Compliance Workshop, November 22, 2018 ; 8am to 5 pm.
This course explores OSHA’s regulatory requirements and guidelines for preventing falls at worksites. Topics include fall prevention methods, fall arrest systems, fall protection plans and their respective engineering, personal protective equipment (PPE) and administrative criteria and practices. Meets OSHA’s training requirement for employees who are exposed to fall hazards. (.6 CEU) applicable. For more information visit
c. Respiratory Protection, October 12, 2018; 8 am to 1 pm
This intensive program discusses topics necessary to ensure quality respiratory protection pursuant to OSHA regulations. Topics include an overview of respiratory hazards, establishing a respiratory protection program, review of respiratory protection equipment, medical requirements for use of respiratory equipment, training and fit testing. (.5 CEU) applicable and elective for Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety. For more information visit
d. Protecting Your Facility From Terrorism, October 17, 2018 ; 8.30am to 4.30 pm
This course provides a brief history of terrorist acts, defines terms associated with terrorism, explores terrorists’ modus operandi, and examines the proper steps an organization should take in assessing vulnerability and reducing risk of being a target. A description of weapons of mass destruction, the threat behind them and suspected deployment strategies is provided. Reasonable guidelines for preparedness and response readiness are provided. All information provided is from open, public source; participants will not learn secret information or how to make or use weapons of mass destruction. (.7 CEU) applicable. For more information and to register go to