Guidelines for Program Review Posts

Please see Our model post and the official guidelines below before making a post.

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[Username]: you may leave this blank if you want to post anonymously
[Subject]: application cycle time period (e.g., “2008/2009” for the entering class of 2009)

1. Your status at the time of this post:
a) waiting to hear about interview
b) invited to interview, and are scheduled to interview
c) invited to interview, but withdrawing pre-interview
d) waiting for post-interview decision
e) with-drawing post-interview
f) accepted
g) rejected

2. Reasons why you applied to this school:

(possible things to consider)
– the name
– location
– research
– medical school
– friends/personal reasons
– word of mouth

3. Interview experience (if applicable):

(possible things to consider)
– how helpful was the administration (coordinators/directors)
– what expenses were covered
– details of the interview day(s) (process/questions)
– what you wish you had known beforehand

4. Program Impression:

(possible things to consider)
– quality/integration
– students’ happiness/caliber
– matriculation rate
– strong/weak research areas
– clinical training
– location
– gut feelings
– relative standing to other programs