Article updated: 2022 Apr 16. doi: 10.101307/ Author Leslie Griver, Robert Henry

Does Pedialyte Help Pass a Drug Test? (Yes!)

Pedialyte can help you pass a drug test as a part of the same-day dilution method. It will help restore the specific gravity of the urine, so your sample will not be rejected as diluted.

How does it work

The only method to pass a drug test on short notice is dilution. The method work by flushing drug metabolites out of your bladder. After that, the concentration of drug metabolites in the urine will be below the detectable level. You’ll have several hours to pass the drug test.

The drawback of this method is that the essential minerals are also flushed out of your system. This changes the specific gravity of the urine. When the lab technician checks your sample, he will reject it as diluted.

Pedialyte is an electrolyte drink that contains Potassium, Zinc, and Chloride.

If you drink Pedialyte with the dilution method, these minerals restore the specific gravity of the urine, and your sample will not be rejected.

Another positive effect of Pedialyte is that it contains sugar. Marijuana metabolites(THC) are stored in the body fat cells. THC is released into the blood and then into the urine when the body breaks down those cells.

When you drink Pedialyte, the insulin level in your blood increase because of sugar. With increased insulin levels, your body stops the breakdown of body fat cells. Less THC is excreted into the urine.


You can use Pedialyte instead of Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks with the dilution method.

The detailed instructions on how to pass the drug test with dilution are explained here: How To Detox THC in 24 Hours. Step By Step Guide

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