The Ultimate Guide to Passing a Supervised Drug Test

If you’re on the internet right now looking up ways to pass a supervised drug test, you probably have a drug test soon.

And you probably know by now that to pass a urine drug test, you need to lower the concentration of marijuana metabolites in your urine below 50ng/ml.

Now, the only definite way to pass your drug test is to not have anything in your system.

But, if you’re not sure of this, there are other ways.

If the upcoming urine test is a Direct Observed Collection, it means you’ll be watched by a staff member of a similar gender. Your chances for passing are quite limited with this one.

But, if your test is a Monitored Collection, where the staff member accompanies you inside the restroom but does not enter the stall, you might just be able to get your way if you do everything right.

Today we’ll be telling you about three ways in which you can pass your supervised drug test.

These are:

  • temporarily flushing the metabolites from your bladder
  • waiting and detoxing naturally
  • substituting your urine with synthetic (fake) or someone’s else urine

A little warning before we start: since you need to pass a supervised drug test, urine substitution is extremely risky and we don’t recommend it.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?


The first method I’ll be talking about is flushing. If done correctly, flushing is a legal method that guarantees you’ll pass your drug test.

And the best part is that this method really works when you have limited time – even if your drug test is on the same day!

How Does it Work

Flushing is very easy to implement.

All you have to do is drink loads of water before your drug test.

This causes the THC metabolites in your system to be flushed out of the bladder, making their concentration in the urine temporarily low, and below the drug test’s detectable level.

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Urine Substitution

Now as I mentioned in the beginning, I do not endorse urine substitution.

For starters, it is illegal.

Additionally, it is very risky and difficult to implement.

If you try to swindle the system and get caught at the collection site, or the laboratory, it will have significant consequences for your career and personal life.

So why risk the humiliation and blacklisting when better alternates are available?

And even if you think you’re extremely clever, neither of the options for urine substitution can guarantee that an expert lab won’t detect that the urine sample was substituted.

But just for information and curiosity’s sake, I’ll tell you what it is.

Urine substation means that you do either of three things:

  • use someone else’s urine
  • save your clean urine
  • use synthetic urine

For urine substitution to be effective, you need to keep the urine’s temperature between 90 °F to 100 °F.

Since you will be observed during urination, you need to use a whizzinator or some similar device, to cheat the observer. [4]

The Whizzinator is a kit that has:

  • dried urine and a syringe
  • heater packs that will help keep the urine at body temperature
  • a false penis, that is available in many different skin tones to make it look completely natural
  • instruction manual
  • How to Use:
  • With one hand, hold the Whizzinator prosthesis.
  • Pinch it below the ‘head’ to prevent leaking of urine.
  • Using the other hand, open the clip valve. Gravity will allow the urine to naturally flow.

If you are female, you’ll need to use a female whizzinator. It’s the same in principle and use as the traditional whizzinator, and comes with:

  • toxin-free synthetic urine
  • temperature strip
  • two organic heating pads
  • syringe
  • elastic belt
  • How to Use:
  • Secure the belt around yourself.
  • Cover the belt with clothing.
  • When the time comes for the test, take the tube out, release the safety clips, and the pouch will drain itself.

So basically, if you have a drug test scheduled for tomorrow, flushing is the best way to go.

If you have ample time, go with a natural detox.

And even though it may seem quite thrilling and appealing, avoid urine substitution techniques. After all, nothing is more important than safety and reputation.

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