Article updated: 2021 Mar 23. doi: 10.10445/ Author Leslie Griver, Robert Henry

How To Use Lemon Juice For THC Detox

Lemon juice can help you detox from THC. It improves fat burning and helps to release more THC from the fat cells for removal.

The bad thing about lemon juice is that it slows THC metabolism in the liver. But there’s a way around this.

We’ll tell you how to use lemon juice to detox THC faster.

Three ways to improve detox

As we already explained in the post about marijuana metabolism, there are three ways we can improve detoxification from marijuana:

how to get weed out of your system naturally

We will explain how lemon juice affects all these steps.

How lemon juice can help to detox THC

Lemon juice contains vitamin C

Studies have shown that individuals with higher vitamin C levels oxidize 30% more fat during a moderate exercise bout than individuals with low vitamin C levels.

Thus, vitamin C depleted individuals may be more resistant to fat mass loss.

In short, you’ll get the most out of your fat-burning workout if your vitamin C levels are high.

Lemon juice can help to burn more fat.

Two studies confirmed that:

In a 2008 study, rodents who consumed lemon peel phenols with a high-fat diet for 12 weeks gained less weight than those who did not drink lemon.

In 2016, 84 women with a high body mass index (BMI) followed a lemon detox diet or another diet for seven days.

Those who followed the lemon detox diet experienced more significant improvements in insulin resistance, body fat, BMI, body weight, and waist-hip ratio than those on the other diets.

Lemon water can improve weight loss.

Adding lemon juice to the water makes it easier to drink more water per day. Drinking water improves overall hydration. And hydration is vital for many factors that play a role in burning fat, including digestion and muscle function.

Lemon juice inhibits the CYP3A3 enzyme.

And that’s bad about the lemon juice and THC detox. Inhibiting means “slowing down” the activity.

There was a study that demonstrated that lemon juice significantly inhibits by 60% the CYP3A4 oxidation.

CYP3A4 is the primary enzyme responsible for the THC metabolism in the liver. So we don’t want it to be inhibited.

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So, the good thing about lemon juice is that it helps burn more body fat and release THC from that fat into the blood.

After that, THC can be metabolized and removed from the body.

The bad thing is that lemon juice slows down the metabolization in the liver. So THC from the blood will be picked up by the fat tissues again.

To compensate for the CYP3A4 inhibition by lemon juice, you need to use enzyme inducers like St. John’s Wort or Panax Ginseng.

If you follow the complex THC detox protocol, you already use these inducers so that lemon juice will help you detox faster.

Here are the detailed guide and instructions on how to get weed out of your system: THC Detox Guide. How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

How to use lemon juice for THC detox

Squeeze two lemons into a cup of water. Then, add it to 2 liters of water and consume it throughout the day.

Repeat this each day you follow the THC detox protocol.

Potential Risks of Lemon Juice

Because lemon juice has such potent ingredients, you should consult your doctor before taking it or any other supplement. Consider the following before drinking lemon juice:

Citrus Allergies

If you’re allergic to grass pollen or other citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, or limes, you may also be allergic to lemons.

The most common reactions are itching, burning, or swelling of the mouth and throat. In addition, some people can experience headaches or gastrointestinal distress.

May Erode Dental Enamel

There have been cases of dental erosion in people who consume lemon juice in large amounts. The natural acids found in lemon juice can erode dental enamel if consumed too frequently.