Article updated: 2022 Apr 14 / Author Leslie Griver, Robert Henry

Simple way to pass a drug test with Kool-Aid

Drinking Kool-Aid can help you to pass urine drug test for marijuana. However, drinking it is not enough. You should do additional steps to pass the test. We’ll tell you what exactly to do to succeed.


IMPORTANT: Use Kool-Aid drink with sugar. The unsweetened version will not help you pass the test.

How does this method work

This is the method we explained in this guide with the Kool-Aid twist. Kool-Aid provides you with carbohydrates and vitamins. 

Carbohydrates will stop the excretion of THC from the fat cells. Vitamins will help to restore the natural specific gravity of the urine.

So Kool-Aid in this method is an alternative to the carbohydrates and Gatorade in the original method. 

All other ingredients act the same way. They stop the excretion of THC into the urine, stop the enterohepatic circulation, flush THC from your bladder and restore the natural urine parameters. 

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Important notice

It’s crucial to do a couple of dry runs of this method at home before going to the actual drug test. Every person is different. We have different metabolism, body parameters, and smoking habits. 

Because of this, the method may require additional water or additional creatine to work.

So you should get several drug test strips, creatinine test strips, and try this method at home. So you will be able to estimate the exact amount of liquid and creatine to pass the test in your situation.