Article updated: 2024 Feb 13 / Author Leslie Griver, Robert Henry

How to get THC out of the system with exercise. Instructions

Doing exercises can help you to get THC out of your system up to 26% faster. This means, for example, that if you exercise, you can detox in 3 weeks instead of 4.

We’ll tell you why exercises help you detox faster and the best exercises to detox from marijuana.

How exercise helps to remove more THC

The main reason for exercising to detox from THC is that exercises help to burn more fat. This is because THC and its metabolites are fat-soluble, and about 70% of them are taken up by fat tissues.

THC can be stored in body fat for months.

To get weed metabolites out of your system, you need to burn fat cells that contain metabolites. This will release THC for further removal from the body.

Another reason is that exercising increases blood flow in the body. This also helps to move more blood with THC through the liver and metabolize THC faster.

How much THC is released in exercise fat

At this point, we need to make some assumptions.

There is no way to tell it precisely because we don’t know how much THC can be stored in 1g of fat.

And there’s no way to determine how THC will be distributed over the body fat etc. There are too many variables.

One research shows the storage capacity of THC in fat. But the numbers are strange, so we will ignore that.

The amount of THC released correlates with the amount of burned fat.

We can track how exercising changes the amount of burned body fat.

So we can track how exercising changes the amount of THC released.

To track body fat, we will use Body Weight Planner from the national institute of diabetes.

We assume that the calculations are made for the following person:

It’s safe to lose up to 2lbs per week without harm to your health.

So Mark plans to lose 10lbs in 5 weeks (35 days) without changing his physical activity level.

He will reach his goal by keeping his usual activity level and eating 2221 calories per day.

Initially, Mark had 22.7% of body fat, which means 43.3lbs of fat in his body.

After 35 days of losing weight by doing exercises, Mark will have 38.5lbs of fat in his body.

Now let’s assume that Mark stopped doing any exercise. He is losing weight just by following the same diet eating 2221 calories per day.

It will take 112 days to reach his goal of 180lbs.

how long to get thc out of system with exercise

On day 35, his weight will be 185.9lbs. And he will have 22.1% of body fat, which means 41.1lbs of fat.

It means Mark will lose 2.6lbs more when doing exercises. That’s 26% more effective than without exercises.

So we can assume that a similar correlation will be for the THC stored in that body fat.

Of course, there are a lot of assumptions and limitations, and the numbers are approximate.

But from these calculations, we can see that the effect of exercises on THC detox is significant.

The best exercises for THC detox

Here are several types of exercises that will help you detox from THC faster.

Walking, jogging, running, cycling

These exercises are great for beginners and don’t require equipment(except cycling).

According to Harvard Health, it’s estimated that a 155-pound (70-kg) person burns the following amount of calories:

Aim to walk for 30 minutes or jog for 20-30 minutes 3–4 times a week to get started.

You can gradually increase the duration or frequency of your walks as you become more fit.

Gauge your intensity according to your breathing patterns: If you’re able to sustain breathing in and out of your nose and say one or two sentences without much difficulty, you’re working at a low- to moderate intensity.

Weight training

Weight training is more effective for burning fat, but it requires knowledge and experience. Doing weight training without preparation can lead to traumas.

Studies have shown that your body continues to burn calories many hours after a weight-training workout, compared with walking or running.

Do 2 – 4 strength sessions per week. In general, circuit-style strength sessions (i.e., moving right from one exercise to the next with little to no rest in between) likely burns more calories than taking regular breaks, as will pairing an upper-body exercise with a lower-body workout.

Interval training

More commonly known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), interval training is a broad term that refers to short bursts of intense exercise that alternate with recovery periods.

It is an effective weight loss strategy that can be applied to many exercises, including running, jumping, biking, and more. In addition, incorporating interval training into your routine can help you burn more calories in less time.

Numerous studies have shown that HIIT is especially effective at burning body fat, linked to many chronic diseases.

What to do to speed up the THC detox

There are several ways to speed up THC detox even more. We explained them in detail here: THC Detox Guide. How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

Here are the recommendations briefly:

Take 500-1000mg of activated charcoal twice daily. It will absorb THC metabolites in the intestines and prevent their reabsorption back into the blood.

Take St. John’s Wort extract 300 mg 3 times daily with each meal. Or Panax Ginseng 500 mg twice daily or Ginkgo Biloba 240 mg daily.

These supplements are enzyme inducers. They will increase the activity of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of THC in the liver. This will increase the speed of THC detox.