The Metabolic Core Lab is available for both academic and non-academic investigators.

For more information please contact:

Ted Ciaraldi, PhD
858-552-8585 ext. 6450

Cell Culture:

  • Provide excess cultured human skeletal muscle cells from metabolically well
    characterized subjects for use as a tool to rapidly and effectively evaluate the
    biologic activity of new compounds in human muscle.
  • Prepare and maintain primary cultures of cells from human tissues.
  • Maintain adipose tissue under defined conditions to test activities of new compounds.

Adipose Tissue:

Isolate adipocytes from adipose tissue.

Metabolic Assays:

Perform assays of metabolic flux in human adipocytes and muscle cells,
to test activities of new compounds or determine the impact of different

  • Glucose uptake
  • Fatty acid oxidation

Biologic Assays:

  • Pyrogenicity testing of labeled compounds prior to infusion.
  • Determination of glucose-specific activity in serum from individuals infused
    with 3H-glucose; calculate the rate of hepatic glucose production.
  • Multiplex analysis of cytokines and inflammatory factors in samples:
    plasma, serum, or culture media.

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