What is the focus for training?
Our primary focus for training is to work with the existing public health workforce to strengthen their understanding of public health issues and programs and to improve their performance in core public health functions and delivery of essential services.

Who are we training?
In collaboration with our partners, we have begun by working with local health agency workers and public health student interns. In the near future, we will expand our training activities to include staff in community-based organizations, health workers in communities, and government decision-makers.
What is the mode of training?
The PPHTC will be expanding and enhancing training in three general areas:
– Face-to-face presentations
– Training using the Internet and distance learning technologies
– Formal internships in a variety of organizations for all students in schools of public health in California and Hawaii.
Are we brokers and promoters of existing resources as well? 
Yes. We share the excellent programs that are increasingly available online, via satellite and face-to-face through our website and listserv. We also work closely with the California Public Health Workforce Training and Technology Coalition (CAPHWFTTC) and the other national Public Health Training Centers (PHTCs) in the U.S. to identify and list high-quality offerings that are appropriate for our target audience.
When will training be available?
The first PPHTC course on Principles of Public Health became available in early 2003. Other training courses, many of which are currently available to the general public, are listed in the Education and Training link on the left. Online and published resources and links with useful information will be added on a continual basis, so please check this page frequently. New training and other information for the public health workforce may be found by clicking WHAT’S NEW? at the top of any page.
Who are our partners?
· PPHTC Advisory Committee of key public health professionals in California and Hawaii who provide advice regarding what training and education is most beneficial for the public health workforce in these two states and appropriate delivery modes.
 State and county health departments as well as other health organizations that are interested in collaborating to develop models of training. We are targeting rural and urban counties and counties that contain groups that are unique or indigenous to California and Hawaii.
· California Public Health Workforce Training and Technology Coalition (CAPHWFTTC): A broad coalition of government and non-government agencies and universities whose mission is to collaborate on projects and activities to promote distance learning for CA’s public health workforce and to maximize the use of existing resources to effectively improve community health status.
· HRSA Public Health Training Centers: These HRSA-funded centers work collaboratively to train the public health workforce in the United States.
· UCLA Preparedness Center: Funded by CDC to focus on bioterrorism and disaster preparedness.