How To Detox THC in 24 Hours. Step By Step Guide

There’s no way to detox from THC in 24 hours. Period.

Detoxification from marijuana takes time. More than 24 hours, even with the help of supplements and products.

BUT! There’s one thing you can do quickly in case you need to “detox” right now. It will not remove traces of marijuana from your system, but it will help you pee clean for a test.

We’ll tell you what to do and why it works.

First of all, let’s explain why you cannot detox from weed in 24 hours.

Why 24 hour THC detox is a myth

Detoxification means removing all traces of marijuana from the system. This means removing THC and all its metabolites.

Most weed metabolites are “trapped” in the body fat cells and are slowly released into the blood. Then they are processed by the liver and excreted with the urine and feces.

If you need the complete information about this, read this post: The Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Metabolism

Here’s the basic scheme of how marijuana is processed(metabolized) in the body:

Marijuana metabolism scheme

Your body will metabolize and remove all traces of weed naturally with time. That can take 30+ days.

If you want to speed this process, you need to speed every step of it.

Increase fat breakdown

This can be done by following a proper diet and doing exercises. The process is slow, and it’s impossible to push it to 24 hours with pills or drinks.

Increase liver metabolism of THC.

You can do this with enzyme inductors. They will increase the activity and production of enzymes responsible for THC metabolism (CYP3A4 CYP2A19 etc.) and therefore increase the metabolism speed of THC.

BUT. That takes time. Enzyme induction requires at least one week to provide noticeable results.

So, you cannot do that in 24 hours.

Block reabsorption from intestines

This is the only thing you can do within 24 hours to help the detox. But this will not provide many effects.

If you want to know how to detox permanently : THC Detox Guide. How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

So, let’s explain what you can do in the next 24 hours.

What can be achieved within 24 hours? What does 24-hour detox mean?

People usually mean “flushing” when they talk about 24-hour detox. That’s the method when THC metabolites are temporarily flushed out of the bladder.

This can be useful when you need to pass a drug test, for example.

Drug tests measure the concentration of THC metabolites in the urine. If the concentration is above the “cutoff level,” you’ll fail the test.

So you need to lower the concentration of the metabolites below the cutoff level.

To achieve that, you need to do the following:

Flush THC metabolites out of the bladder

You can do this by drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently. You need to be cautious here because there’s a limit on how much water your kidneys can process per hour.

That’s about 1l. Drinking more than 1l per hour can damage your health.

Prevent new metabolites from getting into the urine

This is more complicated. You need to

  • Stop the breakdown of body fat
  • Slow the THC metabolism in the liver
  • Stop the enterohepatic circulation
  • Restore the natural color and ingredients of the urine

All these processes we described in details here: THC Detox Guide. How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

how to detox for a drug test

How to detox from weed in 24 hours: step by step instructions


  • 3L of electrolyte solution
  • 400ml of grapefruit juice (CYP3A4 enzyme inhibitor)
  • 200mg vitamin B2
  • 25g of activated charcoal
  • 10g creatine ethyl ester
  • 600mg milk thistle extract (CYP2C9 enzyme inhibitor)
  • Urine test strips for specific gravity and creatinine
  • Urine test strips for pH
  • Urine test strips for THC metabolites

Caution: Enzyme inhibitors can interact with other drugs and herbal supplements. If you take medications, consult with your doctor or pharmacist to check for possible interactions.


Start 24 hours before the test.

  • Do not do any exercises. Exercises increase fat breakdown, and that’s not what you want.
  • Take 5mg of activated charcoal with each meal.
  • Take 300mg of Milk thistle extract 8-12 hours before the test.
  • Include a reasonable amount of carbohydrates in your meal: pasta, grains, etc. Eating carbohydrates will prevent fat breakdown.

3 hours before the test

  • 4 hours before the test, take 10g of activated charcoal
  • 3 hours before the test:
  • Mix creatine with 200ml of grapefruit juice(or green tea) and drink.
  • Drink 800ml of electrolyte solution each hour for 3 hours
  • 1 hour before the test, drink 200ml of grapefruit juice

How to test if you are doing it ok

Use the test strips to ensure that urine parameters (specific gravity and creatinine) are within the normal range. The typical lower cutoffs are 1.003 for specific gravity and 20 mg/dL for creatinine. Make sure you are above this level.

Use the pH test strips to ensure that your urine pH is in the acidic range (5 to 6).

Use the THC metabolite test strips to verify that you are testing negative.

Important: At least one “test run” ahead of time is highly recommended. Follow this protocol and check your urine specific gravity, creatinine, and THC metabolite levels. You can adjust the above parameters as needed, including creatine ethyl ester dose and hydration rate. The maximum rate that your body can produce urine is 800-1000 mL per hour, so don’t go above this!


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